Shizaru is a Tahran-based design boutique founded by two young designers who pursued their passion through the diverse arena of Iran's design and advertising industry and adopted a start-up design business of their own with a special twist.
We love the challenge of finding strategic design solutions for our client's diverse needs from just a business card to a whole signage system. Thus, we have developed a multidisciplinary design team in our small boutique to answer almost all those needs. We believe that our works for the clients should have something beyond sole beautification; they should also provide pragmatic solutions for the clients’ needs and market impact for their brands.
During the past years, our work has gradually become mainly focused on creating and developing brand visual identity for various types of clients.
We share our client's ‘obsession’ for their brand. Perhaps, sharing this very quality is the reason that we've crossed paths in the first place.

We work simultaneously on two sides of the world and our studio’s lights are never turned off.